Spectra S1 Double Electric Pump-covered by Tricare


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Absolutely the most advanced hospital strength pump available, with a rechargeable battery!!

Closed system - hygienic for you and baby. Night light and timer. Super Quiet. Letdown mode, and fully adjustable program to best suit your body.Everything you need for double pumping.
Powerful, adjustable suction, but so comfortable you won't realize how powerful it is!

Warranty: 2 year warranty on motor and 90 days on accessories.

Technical Specifications


~Hospital Strength

~Rechargeable Battery

       ~Two Phase System

       ~Vacuum Range 0~320 mmHg

~Cycle Length 30-46 RPM

~Weight 4.1 lbs.

~2 year Warranty

~BPA Free Double Collection Kit includes:

~Standard 24mm size flange and 28mm size flange

~2 tubing

~2 backflow protectors

~2 hygienic silicone duck bill valves

~2 collection bottles w/ caps (BPA Free)

       ~2 bottle stands

~Night Light


~Powered by electricity/or internal battery

~Motor life 1500 hours


If you are eligible for Tricare and purchasing a breast pump, please see this page for more information.