Motif Luna with Battery Double Electric Breast Pump-covered by Tricare


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Sophisticated, strong, and made for the modern mom - the battery-powered Luna from Motif is here to make motherhood and your pumping journey even easier. The battery only takes 2.5 hours to recharge and then it's ready to be used for multiple pumping sessions - perfect for moms who need mobility! 

5 Out of 6 Moms Got More Milk in Less Time® With The Luna
Motif partnered with a research firm to prove moms' claims of getting More Milk in Less Time® with the Luna. Their Study found that 5 out of 6 moms said the Luna gave them "more milk in less time" than the leading pump brands.

Unique Functions:

  • Night Light 
    Built-in LED night light with three different settings. Perfect for pumping while your baby is sleeping.
  • Closed System 
    Backflow protection keeps the motor and tubing clean, preventing contamination.
  • Backlit LCD Screen 
    Easy-to-read screen that won't strain your eyes.
  • Quiet Motor 
    A quiet 43-decibel hum that won't wake your baby.

Additional Features:

  • Expression Mode 
    Expression mode works to express milk from the breast as efficiently as possible.
  • Massage Mode 
    Massage mode helps stimulate let-down by mimicking a baby's nursing pattern.
  • Auto Shut Off 
    Handy auto shut-off turns the pump off after 30 minutes of use.
  • Ease Of Use 
    Simple setup and easy customization options so you can quickly find what works best for you and your baby.
  • Lightweight 
    Just 2 pounds - Built compact for easy mobility.
  • Milk Collection Containers 
    Sturdily built and stark printed scale makes measuring simple.

What's Included:

  • 2 - 24mm Breastshields
  • 2 - 28mm Breastshields
  • 2 - Silicone Valves
  • 2 - Backflow Protectors
  • 2 - Tubing
  • 2 - Milk Collection Containers
  • 2 - Milk Collection Container Caps
  • 2 - Milk Collection Container Covers
  • 2 - Milk Collection Container Disks
  • 2 - Bottle Nipples
  • 1 - Power Adapter



SKU AAA0013-20
Warranty 1 Year on Pump Motor, 90 Days on Parts & Accessories
Dimensions Pump: 7" W x 8" L x 2.5" H
AC Adaptor Yes
Bag Included No
Battery Power Yes
Pump Type Double Electric
System Type Closed System