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Maternity Compression Socks are designed to expand with you during pregnancy and prevent swelling, circulation issues and varicose veins. They can reduce discomfort in your feet and ankles, support your cardiovascular system by promoting good blood flow, and help you stay more comfortable when you’re on your feet for long periods of time. Be sure to refer to the Motif size guide to find your correct fit and receive the right amount of pressure. Made for pregnancy 3-9 months.*


Size     Ankle           Calf

S       6.5-8.5 in    11-16.5 in

M.      8-10 in.      12-17.5 in

L       9-11.5 in      13-19 in

XL.    11-15 in       17-23 in


Delivers a controlled amount of pressure. The compression is greatest at the ankle and gradually decreases toward the top of the sock to promote better blood flow.

Wearing compression socks will provide external support to keep the swelling minimal and reduce the discomfort that comes from being on your feet for long periods of time.

Ultra-stretchy yarns make the socks easy to put on.

Soft comfort band is snug, but non-restrictive while staying in place all day.

Our North Carolina-based factory has been in operation since 1923.


*Compression socks are covered for Tricare Beneficiaries with a written prescription from your provider.

If you have Tricare and are ready to order, please click here and download the order form. Fill out and email It with your prescription to: