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Tricare Pump Information

If you are planning to purchase a pump and have Tricare benefits, please read the below information carefully as it is essential for us to be able to process your claim correctly. For Mom and Keiki is a Tricare DME authorized provider in all regions: East, West & Overseas, meaning that you can get your pump from us with no upfront costs!

When you get your Tricare approved pump through For Mom and Keiki, you will have our services for the lifetime of your pump. We are always available to answer questions (pump and breastfeeding), help with pump operation, and to troubleshoot any issues. We also have Tricare authorized supplies available as needed and will continue to take care of any filing of claims. Per current Tricare policy:

The new policy allows only the breast pump and the following replacement parts without an additional prescription:

  • Two bottles and caps or locking rings once a year after a birth event
  • One replacement power adapter per birth event and none within the first 12 months
  • 12 valves or membranes once a year
  • One set of flanges per birth event
  • One set of tubing
  • 90 breast milk bags every 30 days after the birth*

 Your initial shipment of the breastpump of your choice will also include 90 breastmilk storage bags as permitted by Tricare. Due to the low reimbursement of storage bags by Tricare, I will no longer be able to offer to resupply breastmilk storage bags. Unfortunately, I have been losing money since Tricare changed the reimbursement of bags over a year ago. I can no longer sustain this service. Many apologies. I will still send an initial supply of 90 bags. You can purchase bags and file for reimbursement directly. If you purchase your bags through me, I will provide a 10% discount. Again, I am sorry. I will still resupply the other items covered by Tricare.


The following pumps are covered by Tricare:
Medela Pump in Style Advanced Started Set
All Tricare pumps require a prescription from your provider.  Please be sure that the prescription is dated, signed and states, "standard double electric breastpump" or similar and has your estimated due date
To complete the submission of your claim, please fill out the DME order form and submit with your prescription.
*If you are local to me, please bring your prescription when you pick up your pump.
Once paperwork is received and verified, you will be contacted to arrange for pick up or shipment information if you live out of the local area.
If you have a prescription, what needs to be verified?
1. That your current region/address is updated in the Tricare system.
2. That you are eligible? Separation and reserve/active duty status require filing within a specific time frame.
3. Other health insurance. If you had other insurance at one time and no longer do, Tricare may not have the information updated in the system. With the implementation of the Affordable Healthcare Act, those under age 26 may have unknowingly been added to their parents' civilian healthcare insurance.
Any of the above reasons can cause Tricare to reject a claim. Most times, the issue can be rectified, but if not, the beneficiary will be responsible for the cost of the pump. It is better to have this information prior to getting a pump.
Click Here if you prefer a Spectra Breast Pump 
Click here if you prefer an Enjoye Breast Pump
If you prefer a Medela Pump, click here
If you prefer a Motif pump, click here.
Please Note: We must have both the above form and a copy of your physician's prescription on file before we can ship your pump.
In these uncertain times with the coronavirus, for local orders, arrangements can be made to ship, or drop off/pick up without having contact. I will confirm with you as to how you would like to proceed. All orders that are out of area will ship as normal. Thank you for your business.