Zolowear Linen Baby Slings

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Introducing ZoloWear's Linen slings. Made from luxurious imported Irish linen, they are simply elegant and comfortable year round. These slings feature a flexible shoulder that you can position how you want it. They also come in 3 simple sizes and feature the zip pocket that all ZoloWear slings are known for. The long flowing tail not only looks beautiful but also makes a great built-in nursing cover! These new slings also come with our brand new professionally produced instructional DVD.

Made from 100% Irish linen. One piece patch pocket, zipper closure.

Crafted with pride in Texas.

Includes our updated interactive instructional DVD. 


ZoloWear Size ChartThese sizing charts are general guide to your body type.

When determining what sling size is right for you. Please go by your PRE-PREGNANCY weight.

Each ZoloWear Sling is 5 Inches longer in length for each consecutive size. The width of every sling we make is the same. There is no difference in the width of the material that goes around your baby; the difference is in the length of the tail. 

Please note that some colors/prints are available in an X-Small.  This is a discontinued size but if you are under 100 lbs it would be a great fit.  The X-Small is 3 inches shorter in length than the Small.

Baby should be worn high, visible and kissable.

Measure diagonally for a more precise fit.

If you have any questions or concerns about what size is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact us!