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The Other Baby Book: A Natural Approach to Baby's First Year guides new and expecting mamas on a journey past shoulds and musts,& back to the heart of true joy and relationship.

Motherhood has been targeted by advertisers, and bombarded by opinions masquerading as medical necessities. Our intention is to help mothers reclaim a simpler, more connected first year with their babies.

Readers will find eight fun-to-read chapters filled with baby-friendly practices, along with stories from moms in-the-know. In a soothing and sometimes sassy voice, the authors present compelling research on topics like birth, holding your baby, breastfeeding, infant sleep, pottying babies (yes, really!),& sign language, baby-led solids,and self-care for moms.

The book also features contributions from leading practitioners in baby care: Dr. James McKenna, Dr. Janet Zand, Naomi Aldort, Gill Rapley, Nancy Mohrbacher, and more.