The Amber Tree

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The Amber Tree
Experience the best natural pain and discomfort relief pure Baltic amber has to offer when you use The Amber Tree Baltic Amber Jewelry. Certified 100% Authentic and CPSC Compliant, The Amber Tree's Baltic amber is not only stylish, it's safe and beneficial too. Available in sizes for adults and children, The Amber Tree amber jewelry is a must have for the whole family and also makes the perfect Baby Shower gift!
*Screw Clasp

How does Baltic Amber work?

Baltic Amber's use as a natural analgesic remedy for pain, swelling and discomfort has been widely used and cited for centuries. Baltic Amber, also called succinite, contains 8% succinic acid.

Amber science: Succinic acid is known to play a role in the citric acid cycle, an energy-yielding process that takes place in all living organisms. The name derives from Latin succinum, meaning amber, from which the acid may be obtained. Baltic Amber, when warmed by body heat in contact with the skin, emits trace amounts of succinic acid able to be absorbed by the skin.  ~Wikipedia

Amber legends: The origins of Baltic amber are associated with the Lithuanian legend about Juratė, the queen of the sea, who fell in love with Kastytis, a fisherman. According to one of the versions, her jealous father punished his daughter by destroying her amber palace and changing her into sea foam. The pieces of the Juratė’s palace can still be found on the Baltic shore. ~Wikipedia

 has been used for its natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties for centuries. Baltic Amber is not a stone, but a resin fossil from ancient trees native to the Baltic Region.

Amber is intended to be worn directly against the skin. Through direct contact with the skin and body heat amber, trace amounts of succinic acid (a natural analgesic) is released, which is then absorbed into the bloodstream.

The authentic Baltic amber beads provide relief from side effects due to teething such as;

  • flushed cheeks
  • skin rash around mouth and neck
  • diaper rash
  • swollen gums
  • fever


Amber teething jewelry is NOT for chewing, is NOT a teething toy and is not to be put in your child's mouth! If properly sized, amber necklaces should not reach over a child's chin. If your child is able to get their necklace into their mouth then we recommend you save that size for when they're older and make sure to purchase the correct size for their current age.

Like any other baby item, parent supervision is recommended at all time. 

Benefits can only occur when worn in constant contact with skin.

Made in Lithuania.

Where does Amber come from?

Baltic Amber, commonly mistaken for a stone, is actually fossilized tree resin unique primarily to the Baltic Region known for one of the largest Amber deposits known to exist. The Amber Tree happily recognizes ancient fossilized forests as the source of Baltic Amber and as a part of the meaning behind our unique name.

How do I know if The Amber Tree's amber is authentic?

Each piece of jewelry sold by The Amber Tree comes with it's own Certificate of Authenticity. Our amber has been tested and was found to be 100% guaranteed authentic!


Are Amber necklaces safe for babies?

Our breakaway pop/plunger clasp is designed to pull apart with less than 15 lbs of pressure and similarly so is our screw clasp. Both are CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) Compliant and safe for use by babies and children. 

Caution: Proper sizing is a must! In order for our amber jewelry to be safe we recommend that children only wear and use with adult supervision and that proper sizing is taken into consideration. Amber necklaces are not designed to be chewed on or put in baby's mouth and if a child can place the necklace over their chin and into their mouth then we recommend you discontinue use immediately and purchase a smaller size.

Should I choose a Screw or Pop Clasp for my child's necklace?

Closure is a matter of preference. If your baby is able to grab the necklace and does not seem to want to leave it alone, it is likely only a matte of time before they pull hard enough to pop the clasp open. Over time pop clasps do become broken in and can become even easier to take off. This could result in baby losing the necklace, taking the necklace off and putting it in their mouth. This truly depends on the child. Screw clasps are durable and can be harder for curious babies to pull off.

Is RAW or Polished Amber more or less effective than the other?

No, there is no evidence to show that either RAW or Polished Baltic Amber is more powerful or effective than the other.