Hava Collection Classic

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HAVA baby slings are the result of over 10 years of babywearing and two years of brainstorming on how to design a baby sling that is not only stylish and comfortable, but also conforms to the desires of many mothers to have a sleek and lightweight sling

We believe HAVA accomplishes all of this.

Lightweight and compact (half the size of other padded slings)
Zippered pocket in the tail
Lightweight rail padding, a third of regular padded slings
Padded rails can be pulled through the rings for greater adjustability
Decorative ribbon on the tail
Small, contoured shoulder pad
Beautifully pleated and gathered around the rings
Comes with instructional DVD
Packaged in a cute zippered see through bag with rope handle

HAVA Classic Baby Slings

The classic HAVA baby sling features:
Lightweight, compact & breathable
7 x 7 inch zippered pocket in the tail (zipper just under the ribbon)
Small, contoured shoulder pad for your comfort as baby gains weight
Pleated around the rings for fantastic weight distribution across your back
Sleek padding through top & bottom rails; can pull through rings for greater adjustability
Decorative ribbon on the tail

HAVA Size Chart
How to determine your proper size

1. Find the row that best describes your pre-pregnancy body. Focus primarily on your shirt size.

2. If you are still unsure of your size, use a piece of string to measure from the cap of your right shoulder across your body to your left side at the waistline. If it is between 23 and 26 inches we would recommend the Regular size, if between 19 and 23 inches the Petite size, and if between 26 and 28 inches the Long size.

 Sling Safety

There are some important things to remember when using your baby sling.

  • WARNING:  Positional asphyxia (suffocation) can occur in young babies. This can happen when a baby's chin is pressed against his or her chest, restricting airflow. Check to ensure that baby's airway is unobstructed and baby is breathing regularly at all times, especially when sleeping. 

  • HAVA, ZoloWear and SlingEZee baby slings are built to last, but always check your sling or pouch for wear or damage before putting baby in the sling. If you find damage and wonder if you should use it, don't. For warranty or repair work, contact support@babyholdings.com

  • Read all of the enclosed instructions and watch the instructional DVD before trying out your sling. 

  • Slings are not approved safety seats. Do not wear your baby in a moving vehicle. 

  • Use caution around mechanical equipment. The tail could get caught. 

  • Fabric is not flame resistant. Do not wear the sling near open flames, including stoves. In general, never wear your baby while cooking or while carrying a hot beverage. 

  • Never run, jog, bike or engage in vigorous activity with your baby in the sling. 

  • Do not bend over while your baby is in the sling, as baby could fall out. Squat instead. 

  • If baby resists being held in the sling, gently take baby out of the sling and try again later. 

  • Do not leave the sling wrapped around an unattended baby. 

  • Use caution while wearing baby in the water. Mesh slings are for showering and wading, not swimming. 

  • Always use common sense caution when wearing your baby and don t wear your baby in any situation that could be potentially harmful.