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The EnJoye Breastpump is a professional-grade electric/battery double pump that is designed for long-term and frequent pumping needs such as for working mothers. This pump helps to maintain milk supply as well as to collect breastmilk. For single or double pumping. 

Features Electric or battery operation with the included internal battery pack. The rechargeable battery is ideal for battery-dependent pumpers. Green Breastpump, Can be shared by multiple mothers when each has her own personal accessory set. Mimics your babys unique suckling patterns with customizable speed and pressure controls. Safe, because all parts that come into contact with breastmilk are BPA/DEHP Free 

EnJoye Cordless - Internal Rechargeable Battery Pack, Electric Breastpump, Deluxe Tote, Mother's Milk Storage Cooler with Ice Pack, Zipper Tag and a Personal Accessory Set.

*I am a DME and  Tricare Provider. If you purchase a pump (per Tricare's guidelines) from me, there will be no upfront costs as I can file the claim with Tricare. Please see this page for more information.

*The new Tricare policy covering breastpumps is effective July 1. 

Warranty Policy


All Hygeia electric breast pumps (except EnDeare) have a one (1) year limited warranty from the date of purchase on manufacturers defects on the suction mechanism. EnDeare electric pumps have a three (3) year limited warranty from the date of purchase on manufacturers defects on the suction mechanism. Certain customers negotiate in contracted terms to have varying warranties; if there is a contract in place it will supersede this warranty process. All other components including internal batteries, external batteries, care module and all accessories have a thirty (30) day warranty from the date of purchase against defects in material and workmanship. All product issues must be evaluated by Hygeia Customer Care personnel over the telephone and require valid proof of purchase. Customers may contact Hygeia at (888) 786-7466 ext. 1 (International callers (714) 515-7571 ext. 1).